Sunday, June 23, 2013

Running update:
6/16  5.0 miles in 44:30
6/21  5.0 miles in 43.53
That’s it--just 10 miles in one week.  It’s the first time I’ve missed a planned run all year...  Had also planned to write about three posts in the past week, but managed just this one.  End-of-school activities, a traveling husband, and an unusually busy office just crushed me this week.

People ask me how I manage to work and take care of the kids and train.  Most of the time I answer that the training is my therapy and that it is a labor of love for Jane.  But honestly, sometimes I am overwhelmed, and just so tired.  I wish I could have the serenity of my friend Angela Auzston, another NF mother I’ve met through the NF Endurance Team.  Her words of wisdom:  “All I can do... is the best I can.  I do every work out I possibly can and I no longer beat myself up inside if I have to miss one because I am busy being a wife or a mother.  Life happens.”   (See Angela’s blog about her daughter and training for an Ironman here:

Jane update:
I started writing my first blog with a post about our first trip to Riley Hospital in Indianapolis in January, and now we’re back here again for follow-up.  We’ve had a smooth trip so far and hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight as we have to be at the hospital for Jane’s MRI at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  I’m anxious to see if Gleevec has had any effect on Jane’s tumor, but I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed…
Once again, Jane has been looking forward to this trip for weeks.  She’s been telling people that we’ll be in Indiana for two days:  "One for the MRI and one for the pool!"  Thank goodness she finds these trips fun, and doesn’t dread them (like I do).

Consummate traveller Jane
at the start of our trip

Jane during our connection at O'Hare
(admiring the walkway between terminals)

And finally, checking in (a mobile phone-quality clip).
This is what makes doing anything with Jane so much fun--her endless enthusiasm!

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