Thursday, November 28, 2013

Running Update:
11/8  5.0 miles in 42:57
11/10  7.6 miles in 1:12:23
11/13  5.0 miles in 45:11
11/16  7.1 miles in 1:03:33
11/18  4.9 miles in 44:47
11/20  5.0 miles in 43:29
11/22  5.0 miles in 45:08
11/24  3.1 miles in 27:54
11/28  5.0 miles in 42:00    
Happy Thanksgiving!  Today I was gently reminded by a friend that I haven’t posted since the beginning of November, so here is the tally.  Less than 50 miles to go to 1000 for 2013.
It was a bright though chilly and windy morning at the Madison Turkey Trot, but I ran a personal best!  Even better, my husband Todd ran today, too, his first road race in many years—and beat me, of course :)

Jane Update:
Jane, Alec, and Helen all got into the act, too, walking the Turkey Trot two-mile Family Fitness Walk with our dear friend, Marcia.  Had to warm up with hot chocolate once we got home.  No pictures from the event as we were all participating!

NF Update:
Jane and I are featured in the Children’s Tumor Foundation holiday letter!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Running update:
10/23  5.0 miles in 44:42
10/25  5.0 miles in 43:25
10/27  7.6 miles in 1:07:49
10/30 7.2 miles in 1:05:29
11/2  4.7 miles in 41:58
11/5  5.0 miles in 46:07
Have cut back quite a bit since the marathon, but want to maintain some level of fitness as training for Boston begins again in December!  Am still planning to run the Madison Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving—our family tradition—despite trying to rest an injured shoulder.
Am at 903.1 miles for 2013, hoping to make 1000 by the end of the year!

Jane update:
Just some fun pics of Jane from the last couple of weeks.  Soccer season winding down.  Here’s Jane and her teammates on a particularly blustery fall day:

A triumphant Halloween.  Jane’s math homework that night was to tally her five favorite candies from her haul:

NF update:
Have scheduled our return trip to Indiana University for the beginning of February.  Jane has tolerated Gleevec remarkably well this year—hope it’s doing some good.