Friday, June 14, 2013

Running update:
6/12  5.0 miles in 43:21 (fast today!)
6/14  9.0 miles in 1:21:47  Wasn’t scheduled for a long run until Sunday, but it was perfect day for running (sunny, dry, breezy, 60s) and I couldn’t help myself!

Jane update: 
The first words Jane uttered to me upon awakening were "I one a skunk."
(To which I am supposed to reply, "I two a skunk."  Then we alternate:   "I three a skunk",  "I four a skunk", until I finally reach "I eight a skunk" and she squeals, "What? You ate a skunk?!")
Got the good news this week that Jane’s most recent blood work was normal.  She’d had her (now monthly) check-up and blood work last week, and was so cooperative.  No tears, so patient.  When I dropped her off at school afterwards a classmate asked, "Jane, where were you?" and she tossed off, "Oh, I was having blood work."  Not something a typical six year old is used to...  Jane regularly sees a pediatrician, a neurologist, a neuro-oncologist, an ophthalmologist, and an otolaryngologist.  Also not typical!

Got an awesome little wind-up toy boat as a reward from the phlebotomist for being so good.  Jane showed it to the others in the waiting room (all elderly) who admired it appropriately. We told them if they cooperate they might get a toy reward, too :)

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