Saturday, September 26, 2015

Running Update:
20.6 mi
7.6 mi
5.0 mi
Two weeks until the Hartford Marathon—yikes!  I hope to run 18 miles tomorrow, then will officially start to taper.

Jane Update:
Today was the 3rd annual Connecticut NF Walk in Putnam, CT.  What a beautiful day!  Thank you to Rhianna Curotto, the president of the CT chapter of the Children's Tumor Foundation, for making it happen.  It is wonderful to get together with so many other people who have NF themselves, or whose loved ones have NF.  Helen and Alec were very supportive big siblings, and Jane had a blast meeting new friends, re-meeting a few old ones, having her face painted, taking pictures in the photo booth, and leading the walk carrying the Children’s Tumor Foundation banner.  I met in person another NF Mom who I’ve known for some time only online—what a thrill!  Her three year old is taking the same experimental medication that Jane took when she was three.  It feels good to be able to talk to someone who is in such a similar position.

My NF Superhero

Holding the sign with another Fighter

Jane and I with one of the organizers, Sarah

With painted face

Jane with her NF Walk buddies

Jane's favorite activity at the event--the photobooth!

I overheard one little boy, who’d come to support a friend, asking his mother, “What’s a tumor?”  His mother said, “It’s an abnormal growth,” and I volunteered, “It’s a kind of bump.”  I quietly asked Jane, who was walking beside me, how she would feel about showing him her “bump”.  Without hesitation she presented her cheek to him, and said, “This is what a tumor is.”  He smiled and thanked her for explaining :)

NF Update:
Jane and I return to NIH for blood work and a check-up two weeks from now, right after the Hartford Marathon.  If you haven’t already donated this year to our fund-raising campaign to End NF, PLEASE DO SO!!  Here is the link:  

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