Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We just spent a magical two weeks at the Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada visiting Todd’s family.  As there’s no connectivity in our area (a good thing!) I’m a bit behind in my blog entries...

Running update:
A total of 58.8 miles in 9:17:57.  Perfect running conditions:  sunny, breezy, dry, hilly.  One difference from running at home is my pre-run habit of strapping on bear bells—a type of Velcro bracelet with a large jingle bell attached, designed to alert any wild animals that I am approaching and thereby prevent any chance encounters with mother bears with cubs.  (Though I have heard these devices referred to as “dinner bells”.)  Another difference is my post-run habit to run directly to the lake, remove shoes and watch, and dive in!

Jane (and her family) update: 
Some of the many wonderful things we did while at the Lake:  Spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.  Seeing and hearing the loons.  Jane catching minnows in her minnow trap.  Alec catching (and releasing) two jack fish in one day.  Jumping off the neighbors’ diving boards.  Kayaking up to the loon’s nest and seeing her big, brown eggs.  Canoeing around the island and to the end of the bay.  Watching a thunderstorm move across the lake.  Seeing Auntie Debbie and Uncle Mike.  Visiting with our cousin Andrea.  Summiting the climbing wall on the neighbor’s dock.  Spending time with Auntie Linda and her family!  Baking cinnamon buns.  Catching crayfish off the dock with bits of hot dogs tied to string.  Alec wakeboarding like a pro!  Everyone kayaking (even Jane).  Swimming to the neighbor’s floating dock.  Swimming in the rain.  Emptying the boats after the rain.  Hiking and gathering wildflowers.  Watching a movie and playing cards indoors on a rainy day.  Swimming in the waves of a storm.  Warming up in front of a fire in the fireplace.  Hiking to the teepee at the top of the hill overlooking the bay (and avoiding poison ivy).  Driving into Kenora to see Husky the Muskie (sculpture), get ice cream at the Dairy Queen, and play in the Canadian Pacific Train Museum.  Taking the boat to and exploring the island of good friends.  More swimming.  Todd wakeboarding.  Helen waterskiing.  More wakeboarding and skiing.  Driving the boat to the Rockeries for ice cream treats!  A catamaran ride on Echo Bay with Linda and family.  Seeing the bald eagles eating fish.  A cookout for dinner.  Eating an entire watermelon on the dock.  After dinner swimming.  Todd’s birthday!  Picking wild blueberries then eating them in Grandma’s pie.  Visiting with neighbors and their children and grandchildren.  Alec’s ride with Linda on a jet ski.  Launching model rockets off the dock.  Bananagrams! 



My husband took pictures of the kids and me striking goofy poses while jumping into the lake.  My nephew took one of my pictures and made this great graphic.  Thanks, Bobby!

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  1. I wish I could have stayed longer! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. :)